5 Ways Journaling Helps You Take Charge of Your Life


Have you been wanting to take charge of your life but just feel stuck? Not sure what you need to change? Or maybe you do know what you need to change but have a hard time thinking through how to go about it.

If so, read on for ways that journaling is one of the easiest things you can do to help you lead a more contented and successful life, and download our 35 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery, Goal Setting, & Taking Charge of Your Life at the end of the article.

  1. Helps you discover patterns of behavior. It's much easier to keep doing things the same way; it's the path of least resistance! Often we don't even think about what we're doing, though; we're operating on autopilot rather than doing things because they make sense. Writing your activities and thoughts down can be one of the easiest ways to discover self-destructive behaviors that are obstacles to reaching your goals.

  2. Helps you analyze what's going right & wrong. It's important to acknowledge what's happening in your life, whether they're going right or wrong. You can learn from both, to improve the likelihood you'll make more decisions that help things go right and less decisions that contribute to things going wrong.

  3. Helps shape your reality. Any successful person will tell you that they envisioned themselves being successful long before they actually achieved success. Your brain can be your biggest ally or your biggest foe! Whether you tell yourself you're worthless or valuable, it will come through in your actions, outlook on life, and the results you're able to achieve. No Olympic gold winner ever got there by telling themselves they couldn't win. Use your journal to explore what your life and relationships will be like when you reach your goals!

  4. Helps you plan changes. It's easy to want to make a change but hard to make it happen. Thoroughly exploring not just what you want to change but why you want to do it and how you'll go about it will provide the foundation to follow through on successfully making those changes.

  5. Helps you solve problems. Just writing something down forces you to think about it, and can also help you to look at it more objectively. Most people find it easier to solve problems for others than for themselves, so anything that helps you to be more objective about your problems will help you develop better solutions.

If you need help getting started with journaling, download our 35 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery, Goal Setting, and Taking Charge of Your Life and use them. Let us know if they help you!

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Lisa Kipps-Brown